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lush_beauties's Journal

curvaceous bodacious lushious sultry beauties
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_a community for those of us who are not model thin_

_a community for those of us who are not afraid to show off our curves_

_a community for those where a size 14 is considered to be normal_

people of all different interests, backgrounds, shapes, sizes, colors, tastes, thoughts, etc. feel free to join.

a picture community for us to post up pictures and not be afraid of being critiqued by our sizes, but by just who we are.


feel free to post up any pictures that shows off your curves. if you are posting up more than one picture, please put it up behind a lj-cut.

constructive criticisms are allowed

when you deem necessary or if the person questions, but if you shall decide to belittle the person who posts up their picture, look forward to being banned. immature banterings are not allowed.


any posting problems, resort to the FAQ section